Oilgear Automation Systems

Year Founded:1921
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:10/13/2013

Contact Information
Name:Tom LaCombe - Systems Sales Mgr
2300 S 51st Street
MilwaukeeWI 53219 United States
Phone:(414) 328-9108
Fax:(414) 328-4785

Industries Served
aluminummaterial handlingmetalsrubber/plastics/paintgovernment/defense
wood products

Engineering Specialties
computer softwarecontrol panelsfactory automationinstallation/start-upprocess control
simulation/modelingsystems engineering

Product Experience
Rockwell AutomationAllen-BradleyGeneral ElectricIntelMAG Industrial Automation
Schneider ElectricSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
Rockwell AutomationAllen-Bradley

Corporate Resume
The Oilgear Company has been in the hydraulic system business since 1921. They designed and built complete hydraulic systems as well as presses and special machines until 1951. At that time they changed their focus to specializing in the design and build of hydraulic systems only. In 1954, they developed a controls group who began to integrate electronic controls into the hydraulic systems and thus began their existence as a total system supplier. In the 1980's Oilgear developed its own microprocessor and had a staff of software engineers who integrated the controls into a complete hardware system so customers could go to one source for hydraulics and electronics to operate an entire machine. Today, as an appoved Allen-Bradley system integrator, they supply complete systems to the forging industry, aluminum extrusion industry, plastics industry, wood products industry and many different areas in metal forming. They can offer this engineering, installation, and start-up expertise around the world. Engineering staffs are located in the USA, England and Germany. The annual revenue of the company exceeds $70 M/year.